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However beautiful
the strategy, you
should occasionally look at the results

Winston Churchill

Deployment of a customer centric actionable improvement roadmap

Abstract : To support multinational Consumer Focus companies willing to orchestrate globally their Sales and Marketing strategies, Simoil Consulting provides a pragmatic and solid methodology for optimizing the synergy and R.O.I
between On-Line and Off-Line activities and programs.
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By Frederic Baffou / +41 78 753 56 44

Mabrouk Benattia / Switzerland: +41 76 257 01 01 / Qatar: +97 45 03 50 75
The simple art of business transition

Abstract : Many businesses get into the habit of ‘going with the flow’. Although sticking with the mainstream is often necessary, it is a risky strategy. Evidence shows that industries evolve, and in the course of this evolution, they create shapers (who lead the change), adapters (who manage to keep up) and victims (who go under). Read more

James Cullinan / +41 79 246 08 64
The Airport Travel Retail Business Model – A Square Peg in a Round Hole?

Abstract : The Airport Travel Retail Business is estimated to be worth about $25 billion annually. However, it is generally agreed within the industry that it is not performing to its full potential. Mick Dawidowicz, former Director at Philip Morris International Duty Free, contends that this is due to the inherent conflict within the airport retail business model. Read his article in the Moodie Report

By Mick Dawidowicz / +41 79 217 20 16
The Airport Travel Retail Business Model – Customer Focus & the Missing Trinity Member

Abstract : In my first article, I argued that the fundamental challenge facing the airport travel retail business is the inherent conflict between the airport (mall) retail model and the consumer (downtown) behavior model. I also suggested that the airport retail environment should be totally redesigned to resolve this fundamental disconnect. Read his article in the Moodie Report

By Mick Dawidowicz / +41 79 217 20 16
Review and Challenge your Marketing Strategy

Abstract : To facilitate and stimulate the reshaping of your local marketing strategy and to structure your argumentation for a methodologically driven discussion among your local Management Team and your Global Management, SIMOIL Consulting has designed the BEST™ methodology. Read more

By Marco Ghiotto / +41 78 655 78 94
Simoil's unique market intelligence and consumer insight approach

Abstract : Time pressure, manpower constraints, and limited resources all conspire to focus management on meeting immediate targets, running the business on a day-to-day basis, and fire fighting. To help you unlock your long term competitive advantage, Simoil Consulting has developed a unique market intelligence and consumer insight approach. Read More

By Ivor Shalofsky / +41 79 647 23 76
Simoil’s SMART™ methodology

Abstract : In today’s fast-paced environment, even the most successful companies aren’t always able to fully develop the competitive advantage they need to perform to their maximum potential. To support multinational tobacco companies willing to orchestrate globally .... Read More

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